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“I’m very accepting with my age. It’s like notches on my belt. Experience…and a different kind of beauty.” – Joe Saldana I’m tired. Tired of all the vitriol and abrasive human interaction. Recently this weariness, calmly, came over me. Like … Continue reading

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A Guy and His Rolls Royce.

“Everyone admits that love is wonderful and necessary, but no one can agree on what it is.” – Diane Ackerman Another day at my part time gig. Managing a local car wash. As I pull up to the Crystal Clean … Continue reading

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The Scooter Experience

“The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way.” – Keanu Reeves So there they stood. Beckoning. Teasing. Taunting.   What about it big boy? Want to live a little? Are you man enough to ride one … Continue reading

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The Recliner

“It is better to give than lend, and it costs about the same.” – Phillip Gibbs “We’re just waiting for you to get out of that chair.” Those words were spoken to me last evening and caused me to laugh … Continue reading

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First Rock N Roll music

“If I’m not working on something, I literally just sit and think, which I don’t think is productive.” – Adam Driver During a conversation with my wife and daughter, the subject of the first Rock N Roll song came up. … Continue reading

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Needle In A Haystack

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” – Albert Einstein On the job. Phone rings. Pick up at North entrance. Guy needs help finding his car. The North entrance is the furthest point from my current position. … Continue reading

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What Was I Thinking?

“You don’t know what unconditional love is if you don’t have a child, you don’t know what that is.” – Regina King   So yesterday I finally got those rain gutters installed that the house so badly needed. As the … Continue reading

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Parent’s Day

“The older you get, the quieter you become. Life humbles you deeply as you age. You realize how much nonsense you’ve wasted time on.”   Mother’s Day. A day, set aside, to celebrate Mothers. But wait. There can be no … Continue reading

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Attention Getters

 “True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country” – Kurt Vonnegut 99% of the patients we transport are just trying to get through the day. Not given to conversation. … Continue reading

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A Day in the LIfe of………..

“Stepping into a tornado screams…..This is the dumbest thing you will ever do.” –  Shannon Messenger, Let the Sky Fall   So I was minding my own business. Just doing my job. Driving a patient to her appointment. Suddenly…… Rain so … Continue reading

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