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It Just Is

“Life has no meaning, it just is” – Morgan Freeman on Through the Wormhole I believe Morgan has a point. And it is not in conflict with the beliefs of Christianity. In fact, his point negates many considered contradictions of … Continue reading

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“You don’t have to believe in omens to be seduced by them” – Desert Places by Robyn Davidson I’m really in to the series “How the Universe Works”. Fascinating stuff. Much of the information given on the show is over … Continue reading

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“People are afraid of what they don’t understand. And hate what they’re afraid of” – The Bat by Jo Nesbo Is that always true? Did Jo Nesbo nail it? There is so much that I just don’t understand. Like the … Continue reading

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Plow The Fog

“How could anyone spend their whole life longing for the day when they become superfluous?” – A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman I should stop all these examinations of life’s purpose, direction, and origins. There really is no clear … Continue reading

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“People fear what they don’t understand or what is different.” – Hurt Machine by Reed Farrel Coleman Seems like I regularly question my core values. Tragic events stop me in my tracks. Why did that happen? Any logic involved? The … Continue reading

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Parallel Universe

“Did you know that Jellyfish have been around 600,000,000 years without a brain? That’s giving a lot of us hope.” I just love TV shows like NASA’s Unexplained Files, Space Deepest Secrets, and How the Universe Works. A real cure … Continue reading

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